WhiteSpace understands that the pace of business requires agile solutions. By using a rapid application development methodology called Extreme Programming (XP), customers receive working solutions quickly. Rather than building large systems based on detailed and lengthy requirements definition phases, XP builds smaller, more manageable solutions that evolve as requirements change. The result is less expensive solutions delivered quickly and with faster payback than traditional structured programming methods.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and lifecycle cost are big issues for business. WhiteSpace builds systems that run reliably and require little maintenance, but the environment that our applications run in changes over time. A flexible, modular architecture allows our systems to be modified to meet changing requirements. With a low initial implementation cost, adding additional requirements does not translate into large increases in cost to meet changing requirements.

A quick solution does not mean that software quality is compromised. WhiteSpace principals are trained in Total Quality Management (TQM) and use it to manage the development, implementation and testing of all our products. Our analytical services have been used to validate customer reporting systems which resulted in significant improvements in reporting accuracy as well as timelier reporting. WhiteSpace principals have combined experience of over 30 years of systems development experience in commercial, government, telecommunications and the aerospace industry.




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