Skimmers take advantage of your office productivity tools to fill the gaps in your main enterprise computer systems. Every big system has gaps. It's too expensive and unwieldy to use big system technology for every wrinkle in your business. Odds are, that the big systems contain what you need, but can't deliver the information in exactly the way you need it without having to make changes.

Enter the Skimmer. Extracting information from your existing system, matching it up with the ad hoc data islands in your organization, and even pulling external information from vendors and customers through the internet. Skimmers deliver the bulk of what you need for a fraction of the cost and effort of a big IT project.

Your office staff is probably doing this integration manually right now, using spreadsheets and email. Your people already understand what needs to be done. Skimmers automate the tedium of report generation so your staff can get back to more meaningful work. You get the final product delivered directly to you, your website, or your associates without human intervention. And, because the process is automated, the results vary only because the information varies, not because of manual errors in preparation.

WhiteSpace develops its products on state-of-the-art equipment using advanced networking facilities to tie its offices and on-site team together. Software is developed on WhiteSpace resources and then installed and tested at each individual site. WhiteSpace is very conscious of the data security requirements of its customers and uses Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition enterprise managed software to keep the software it delivers secure from viruses. The corporate network is managed using a Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional clients in a secure domain. At no time during delivery are our systems connected directly to the customer network.


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