WhiteSpace provides business integration solutions to our customers based on our Skimmer Technology. Skimmer Technology utilizes the desktop automation resources found in the Microsoft Office suite combined with data mining and extraction technology to refine data from disparate data sources. The refined data is then processed and presented as data analysis products in MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook email or as web pages.

Many corporate problems are well-suited to Business Integration Solutions. The Skimmer Technology approach brings a framework and tools to integration-based projects. Risk is significantly reduced and returns are realized much sooner.

Validation of data and report process should be the first step in any integration project. Most manual reports are never validated; Skimmers drive the validation of existing reports. Skimmers reinforce processes and eliminate manually-introduced variances.

To date, numerous Skimmers have been developed and delivered to a major telecommunications company which have mechanized Interconnection (PONSkimmer), Sales Analysis (SEASkimmer), Customer Service Assurance reporting (InfoSkimmer) and Customer Notification (CNSkimmer) processes. Additionally, special purpose Skimmer Technology was used to convert Remedy® data for the system (with a 99+% accuracy rate). These Skimmers provide daily, weekly and monthly analysis for Provisioning, Sales Analysis, Executive Reporting and Data Operations functions.

Skimmers are valuable business integration tools suitable for any business environment requiring up-to-the-minute, validated information.

WhiteSpace Solutions, Inc. has returned on average $22 in savings and productivity for every $1 spent. Skimmers are a cost effective way to manage change and complexity in an increasingly volatile business environment.

Remedy® is a BMC software company.

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