Proven Results










Proven Results





Purchase Order Number Skimmer (PONSkimmer):
Organization/Project: Interconnection
Purpose: Interconnect Error Reduction
Cost: $269,000
Benefit: Cost savings over $4,000,000 in reduced overtime over a 90 day period

Organization/Project: Interconnection
Purpose: On-demand report for user selected PONS.
User automated registration process for access to Interconnection data.
Cost: $20,000
Benefit: Reduced time to resolve problem PON’s.
Results: 15-50 custom queries per day delivered by email within 5 minutes of request.
Registration processing time reduced from 4 hours of manager time once per month to automated daily process

Sales Entry Analysis Skimmer (SEASKimmer):
Organization/Project: Sales Analysis Support
Purpose: Reduction in Sales Entry backlog errors.
Cost: $35,800
Benefit: 300% reduction in order entry error backlog.
Results: Error reduction speeds order entry.
Sorts errors by type for speedy resolution.
Pinpoints errors by individuals and sales teams for managers

Organization/Project: Interconnection
Purpose: Build error history files.
Cost: $1,500
Benefit: Enabled error trend analysis.
Results: Created history data for scorecard reporting system.
Assembled 6 months of error history in one (1) week.

Customer Service Assurance (InfoSkimmer):
Organization/Project: Analysis and Metrics
Purpose: Automate Customer Satisfaction Report.
Cost: $78,120
Benefit: Customer Satisfaction Report preparation time reduced from 80 man-hours to 4 hours of PC time.
Results: Reduced preparation time.
Consistent results.
Validated report process.
First correct reports since report inception.

LeadFree Skimmer (LFSkimmer):
Organization/Project: 4M Conversion Phase I
Purpose: Convert Remedy® logical inventory to LeadFree format.
Cost: $172,600
Benefit: 99.9+% first pass conversion accuracy
Results: Initial development completed in 3 weeks.
Converted Remedy®, DSL TN’s to customer format within 2 days of receiving requirement and 3 months before conversion.
Verified Remedy® production logical inventory prior to conversion.
Identified numerous discrepancies between production systems well ahead of deadlines and in time to find solutions.

Customer Notification Skimmer (CNSkimmer):
Organization/Project: Customer Notification Systems
Purpose: Notify customers of planned and unplanned service outages.
Cost: $59,735 (to date)
Benefit: Timely outage notification to customers and service reps.
Results: Planned outage notification reduced from 3 weeks to 5 minutes.

Organization/Project: Multiple
Purpose: Email delivery of Skimmer products.
Cost: $4,000
Benefit: Reduced processing overhead in operational Skimmers to speed delivery.
Results:Mail delivery overhead can increase delivery time by 100% in Skimmers.
Distribution consumes 100-300% more time than report preparation.
Dedicated mail delivery speeds throughput.

Skimmers provide accurate, dependable information.
Output flexibility is limited only by the MS Office feature set.
Processing errors only occur when supporting data is in error.
Robust information integration engine applicable to many types of problems.
Integration-based solutions cost a fraction of custom built programs.
Return on investment is quick.

WhiteSpace Solutions, Inc. has returned on average $22 in savings and productivity for every $1 spent.

Remedy® is a BMC software company.

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