WhiteSpace Solutions, Inc. is a technology consulting firm specializing in the development and implementation of Business Information Integration applications. We develop and provide data connectivity products for legacy databases and operational data. WhiteSpace has a proven track record of delivering innovative business software solutions resulting in savings to the bottom line. Using rapid application development methodologies, our payback periods are usually less than 6 months.

WhiteSpace applies clear thinking, solid Operations Research techniques, and our proven Skimmer Technology software tools to the real problems facing your business. Our collaborative approach empowers you to automate manual reporting efforts, so you can get your brain trust back on the front line solving the next big problem.

Imagine a software program that gathers information from anywhere in your business, (databases, word documents, spreadsheets). It then analyzes and organizes the data into meaningful enterprise reports and presents those reports through a set of fully-loaded, content-rich reports. Now imagine that this happens automatically, according to your direction, but without your intervention. Imagine further, that this program saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year through reduced costs, reduced resources and increased productivity.


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